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Voiceover artists. One thing is for sure: you have plenty of choice. So why choose me for your voiceover needs?

You want your message - your voiceover - to sound believable? Professional? Accessible?
Warm? Classy?

With my experience of reading the news on BBC Radio 2 for over twenty years, I'm the voice over you need! With over 14 million listeners, my voice is familiar, trustworthy and authoritative; associated with truth and credibility.

I am also blessed with possibly the clearest diction in the business! Now add the fact that I am well accustomed to reading sight unseen with a negligible error rate, so editing time and costs are kept to a minimum. As a top voiceover artist, I can promote your product(s) and deliver your message in a way that commands attention, coupled with warmth, clarity and approachability.

Contact me and let's make your project work for you.


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When I was about 9 years old, my family and I took a train from Oxford to Bournemouth. To stop my five year-old brother from getting bored, I read to him from 'Winnie-the-Pooh'. My mother told me that all the adults in the carriage put down their newspapers and books in order to listen to me reading...And I have been reading aloud (and commanding attention) pretty much ever since!


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